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What people are saying about inkpanda wedding photography


"Just had to rewatch our video now - such lovely memories & gorgeous photos - we were genuinely touched & surprised how you captured all the special moments without us knowing you were even taking our pictures!! Fab skill that! So heartwarming to hear you enjoyed putting them together too. We are also catapulted back to our day when we hear our song & reminds us to be happy despite what's going on in the world at the moment.”

Denise & Johnny

"Thank you so much for the pictures!
You just made me cry looking at them! An awesome reminder of the day I married the most beautiful woman alive."

Ian & Megan

"Louise, thank you so so much! You secret ninja!! You captured EVERYTHING and I didn't even know you were there! We'll treasure these pics, thank you thank you thank you xxx"

Zoe & Paul

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