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About Me

Louise Paton

I’m based in London, and in between photography gigs, I can be found on the canal, with my dog Monty, renovating my boat ‘Coddi Womple’, a Victorian saying, which means; “To travel with determination to a vague destination.” Which sums me up quite nicely! I’m always happy to have my couple over for a lunch on the water and a little cruise along the canal, my job is never a chore for me, I am just grateful to have found a way to live that allows me to blend my work and my social life together, so I say come on over me hearties! 

I ditched the rat-race 8 years ago and started inkpanda. I went back to school and gained a BA in Commercial Photography from Bournemouth Arts University. I am in love with all different types of photography, and in between weddings, I keep busy with a variety of different projects. I also run workshops teaching people how to get creative and get the best out of their camera, which I enjoy immensely!​

For me, inkpanda is about visual storytelling, finding the beauty in the mundane, bringing truth to the forefront, and using modern technology and equipment to help bring artistic concepts to life.

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